Learning Communities

Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) at Appalachian State University provide students with a unique housing opportunity. One of the best ways to develop strong friendships and succeed in college is to join a learning community! RLCs that are linked to a course and sponsored by a specific college or academic department afford students an academic learning experience outside of the classroom in a fun and educational setting. Students in RLCs linked to a course will automatically be enrolled in a section of the required course(s) by University Housing staff.

Please review each community description carefully as the application process for RLCs may differ slightly depending upon whether an individual is a first year, returning, or transfer student. Note: RLCs are only available for students housed for the full academic year (fall & spring semesters). New, incoming students admitted for Spring semester (including transfer students) cannot apply for RLCs due space limitations. 


Please keep in mind that, as you apply, Appalachian offers several Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) that provide students with unique housing opportunities. Although optional, applying to an RLC is a part of the overall housing application process. If you are interested in applying for an RLC you may do so by following the steps listed below:

  1. Login to the Housing Management System (HMS)
  2. Click on the RLC application link
  3. Select up to three communities in order of preference
  4. Write thoughtful responses to the application questions
  5. Submit the application as soon as possible
  6. Check your @appstate.edu email regularly for an application decision

When responding to the essay questions on the RLC application, be sure to provide thoughtful responses to the questions. RLC decisions are based upon the strength of responses only. The selection committees cannot see your admissions application materials.

Regarding RLC Roommates:

If you are accepted into an RLC, your roommate will also be in the RLC. If you have already requested a roommate who will not be in this community then you must either opt into the RLC and not live with your preferred roommate OR opt out of the RLC so that you may have the option to live with your preferred roommate in another hall on campus.

Community Name Side of Campus Student Type
A.C.E.S. West Side First Year/Returning
Active Living East Side First Year/Returning
Brain Matters East Side First Year/Returning
Business Exploration East Side First Year
Early College West Side First Year
Exploring Health Sciences West Side First Year
Honors College East Side First Year/Returning
Language & Culture West Side First Year/Returning
Living Green West Side First Year
Outdoor Community East Side First Year
R.O.T.C. West Side First Year/Returning
Service & Leadership East Side First Year
Sophomore Year Experience West Side Returning
Transfer Educators West Side Transfer
Transfer RLC West Side Transfer
Watauga Residential College West Side Invitation Only