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RA Recruitment

The Resident Assistant Position


The Resident Assistant (RA) is responsible for a floor or living area within a residence hall at Appalachian State University. As the front-line University Housing staff member in the assigned area, the RA is responsible for serving as a mentor and guide to 40-60 residents. The RA is responsible for facilitating a cooperative and considerate community environment. To achieve this goal, the RA is expected to initiate relationships with residents, assist in the facilitation of the residential curriculum, encourage participation in residence hall programs, and inform residents of University and departmental policies. In addition, the RAs assist with the personal and academic concerns of students, mediate interpersonal conflicts, and serve as an information resource for residents.


In order to receive and maintain the RA position candidates must meet the following qualifications from the submission of their application until either the end of their appointment, termination, or resignation from the RA position.

  • Successful completion of a background check administered by University Housing
  • Maintain full-time enrollment at Appalachian State University
  • Maintain a cumulative and semester grade point average of 2.30 or above
  • Maintain good standing with the Office of Student Conduct
  • Comply with all other University Housing, Appalachian State University, and UNC System policies
  • Manage multiple job duties simultaneously
  • Complete tasks with competing deadlines in a timely manner
  • Appropriately address difficult situations where conflict and crisis are present
  • Maintain critical thinking skills during stressful situations
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Engage in conversation with diverse populations and skill sets

Resident Assistants are compensated with an hourly rate for each hour worked in the RA role, with total maximum compensation equaling $7,216 (2022-2023 figure) for new RAs. Payments are every two weeks beginning in August and ending in May. Please note that certain RA positions carry additional responsibilities and provide additional compensation.

RA employment at Appalachian is "employment at will." That is, just as you may resign from your employment with Appalachian at any time and for any reason, Appalachian may also terminate your employment at any time.

Full Position Description

All files require Adobe Acrobat Reader (opens in a new tab) to view.

Below is an example of the RA Job description and contract as well as our current recruitment video. Please note this is subject to change based on needs of the department and undecided dates for training in the summer.

How to Apply