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Green Practices

University Housing is committed to the following Green Practices:

Cleaning Chemicals:

Whenever possible, Green Seal certified chemicals are used to clean residence hall spaces. University Housing is committed to using green cleaning products and will continue to broaden their use.

Sustainable/Green Products:

University Housing uses green products whenever and wherever possible. The use of recycled wood benches, zero volatile organic chemical (VOC) window coverings, zero VOC paint, and recycled carpet have become a standard practice within our residence halls.

Recycling Bins:

Recycling bins are present in all residential rooms as well as in outside areas next to dumpsters.

Energy Star Top Tier:

All washers and dryers used in residence hall laundry rooms are rated Energy Star Top Tier, resulting in significantly lower energy usage.

Low Water Volume Bathroom Fixtures:

Low water volume fixtures have been installed in all newly renovated residence halls.  All residence hall locations have low volume shower heads, while flush valves in older facilities provide decreased water volume per flush.

Water Conservation:

The top ten ways to conserve water at Appalachian State University are:

  • Turn off faucets while washing hands or brushing teeth and save 4 gallons per minute.
  • Turn water off while shampooing/conditioning your hair and save more than 50 gallons per week.
  • Drop tissues and other waste in the trash rather than the toilet and save gallons each time.
  • Report leaks, dripping faucets, and running toilets. A dripping faucet wastes more than 600 gallons per year, while a running toilet wastes more than 131,000 gallons per year. To report a leak, dripping faucet, or running toilet in an academic building, call the AppState Physical Plant at (828) 262-3190. For residence halls, please call (828) 262-4095.
  • Keep showers to less than 5 minutes. Doing so will save up to 1,000 gallons per month.
  • Wash only full loads in dishwashers and washing machines. You will same up to 1,000 gallons per month.
  • Keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator instead of running the tap for a cold drink.
  • Don't thaw food under running water.
  • Report sprinkler system malfunctions.
  • Make a conscious effort to do one thing every day at Appalachian State University. Remember that every drop counts!