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Mission, Vision, Values


We provide students with convenient, well-maintained housing and foster a learning-oriented community that creates connections and opportunities for meaningful experiences.


We strive to provide safe and sustainable housing for the Appalachian community and create a learning-centered home that engages residents to become active citizens of the world.

Core Values
  • Caring: 
    • We put the best interests of our students first and demonstrate compassion in our interactions with others.
  • Dedication: 
    • We work hard and take the extra step to get the job done.
  • Inclusiveness: 
    • We seek to give voice to the diversity of the Appalachian community.
  • Innovation: 
    • We think outside the box and constantly seek to improve and stay current.
  • Integrity: 
    • We do what we say we do and make ethical decisions.
  • Learning: 
    • We develop by listening, asking, reading, reflecting, and experimenting.