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Exploring Autism and Neurodiversity

Welcome to the Exploring Autism and Neurodiversity Residential Learning Community!

The Exploring Autism and Neurodiversity community is for students who want to learn more about autism, the autistic identity and the concept of neurodiversity. The community is for students who identify as autistic and/or who have an interest in learning more about autism and neurodiversity and feel an allyship with the autistic community. Community will be created in the Residential Learning Community (RLC) through organized and suggested activities and monthly floor meetings, chat group participation, participation in App State’s Neurodivergent Students and Allies Club, and by learning together in the First Year Seminar Autism: A Broad Spectrum.

This community will provide a safe space to talk about autism and neurodivergence as identities. It will be a place where individual differences are welcomed and accepted.

This RLC helps incoming students make connections with a potentially like-minded group of students to help them build a network of friends and peers that will hopefully last across their four years at App.

Associated First Year Seminar class: Autism: A Broad Spectrum

Susan Hedges
[email protected]

Sponsoring Department: Intercultural Student Affairs


Members of the the Exploring Autism and Neurodiversity community will have the opportunity to:
  • Interact informally with students, faculty, and staff who identify as neurodivergent
  • Engage in social interaction with like-minded peers
  • Take advantage of an extra network of supports to settle into college life
  • Explore the topic through videos, discussions and readings
Members of the Exploring Autism and Neurodiversity community will be expected to:
  • Enroll in the First Year Seminar UCO1200 Autism: A Broad Spectrum, Fall T/TH 9:30-10:45
  • Attend regularly scheduled RLC meetings and events
  • Participate in the Neurodivergent Students and Allies Club weekly meetings
  • Complete a set of core experiences determined during orientation
  • Plan and participate in community activities and events
  • RECOMMENDED: Take US1001 College Success Seminar
  • Attend individually scheduled check-in meetings


Sponsoring Departments


Office of Diversity 

The Office of Diversity is committed to creating a campus environment where everyone can voice their opinions, express their differences and celebrate shared values — in the spirit of mutual respect and with the goal of greater understanding. We offer a wide variety of educational programs, cultural events and community-building activities throughout the year, inviting all Mountaineers to be present and engaged as their authentic selves.