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On-Campus Living

Welcome to living on campus at Appalachian State University! University Housing is excited to have you living with us, and we strive to make your living experience as seamless as possible. Living on campus puts students within walking distance of campus resources including classes, faculty offices, dining, recreation facilities, and the library. Utilities are already included, such as wired and wireless internet access, heat, water, and recycling - many of the things students might have to set up and pay for individually when they live off campus.

Having all of these resources nearby frees up time for students to focus on academics and connecting to others on campus. It is more convenient to attend campus events and join clubs and organizations since students are already on campus. Students living on campus can stop by a neighbor's room for questions about class, or set up an impromptu study group.

In addition to the convenience of living on campus, University Housing has developed a Residential Learning Plan that guides how we build community and how students connect with our staff.

What does the Residential Learning Plan mean for me?

Most importantly, you get out what you put in! Our staff will continue to work hard for you over the school year, but we need you to engage with us too! Some of the opportunities that University Housing offers include the following:

  • One-on-One meetings with your Resident Assistant (RA) - focused attention from staff centered around developing your skills
  • Hall events and programs, both social and from our outstanding campus partners (who are great connections to make across campus)
  • Student Leadership - a great way to connect with other people in your residence hall and develop yourself as a leader on campus
  • Meeting faculty and staff who are committed to your success while at Appalachian
  • Discovering ways you can make an impact within the community