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The Appalachian State University Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) residential learning community offers students a chance to further develop their scholastics, athletics and leadership through an active and well-rounded lifestyle. Participation in this RLC will provide opportunities for immersion in military leadership, esprit de corps among fellow cadets, support networks for academic classes, motivation for physical fitness training, exposure to US Army customs, courtesies and outdoor adventures. Come learn what it takes to be an officer in the United States Army and see if ROTC is right for you.

Questions? Contact the ROTC RLC Advisor: LTC (Ret) DJ Weatherford at (828) 262-2994.

Members of ROTC will have the opportunity to:
  • Live with a group of individuals who share a common interest in leadership
  • Interact with and learn from upperclassmen ROTC members
  • Determine if being an Army Officer and ROTC is a good option
  • Join ROTC extracurricular clubs and teams: the Commando Club (military tactics club); the National Society of Pershing Rifles (national drill and ceremony organization), the Ranger Challenge Team (physical fitness and military skills team), Scabbard and Blade (honor society/community service club) and the Mountain Man Memorial March team (a competition that helps remember fallen members of the military and their families)
  • Learn military-based skills (land navigation, first aid, basic soldier tasks and leadership)
  • Participate in rafting, rappelling, obstacle course, paintball outdoor activities, bowling and restaurant outings
Members of ROTC will be expected to:
  • Attend their respective grade level class
  • Attend a 90-minute lab on Thursdays from 1400 - 1530 hrs (2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.)
  • Participate in Physical Training (PT) every Tuesday and Thursday from 0600 - 0700 hrs (6:00 a.m. - 7:00 a.m.) Wednesday Sessions are optional
  • Attend a Field Training Exercise (FTX) over one weekend each semester
  • Work a minimum of three home football parking duty (ROTC members are paid for this)
  • Participate in broadening extracurricular activities that are offered (rafting, rappelling, obstacle course, paintball outdoor activities, bowling and restaurant outings)
  • Have fun and learn!