Staff Directory

Employing over 100 professional full-time staff, 15 graduate student staff, and 120 undergraduate student staff, University Housing works as a cohesive team to fulfill our stated mission and visionary goals. From our live-in staff to our central office, we all take great pride in our work and are committed to the safety and success of our residents. Our department is divided into functional areas, each with its own unique responsibilities and staff. Click on the tabs below to view the individual staff for each area and get to know us better!

Alicia Vest
Associate Director for Administrative Services
318 John E. Thomas Hall


Rachel Butts
Assistant Director for Summer Conferences & Marketing
319C John E. Thomas Hall


Teresa Bridges
Housing Assignments Coordinator
319A John E. Thomas Hall


Lacey Brown
Housing Assignments Coordinator
319B John E. Thomas Hall


Chris Miller
Front Desk Supervisor
321 John E. Thomas Hall


Dana Braswell
Technology Support Coordinator
307 John E. Thomas Hall

Shannon Jordan
Senior Associate Director for Residence Life
331 John E. Thomas Hall


Derrick McReynolds
Assistant Director for East Campus
070 Appalachian Hall


Will Sheppard, Ed.D.
Assistant Director for West Campus
005 Coltrane Hall


Gina Ondercin, Ph.D.
Assistant Director for Residence Education
334 John E. Thomas Hall


Crystal Harvey
Coordinator - Belk, Frank, Justice, Newland
120 Belk Hall


Jimmy Kramer
Coordinator - Cone, Lovill, Summit
074 Appalachian Hall


Zach Birtsch
Coordinator - Bowie, Coltrane, Eggers, Gardner
104 Gardner Hall


Anna Claire Dodd
Coordinator - Appalachian Panhellenic, East, Hoey
078 Appalachian Hall


Stephen Salazar
Coordinator - Cannon, Doughton, White
076 Appalachian Hall


Coordinator - Appalachian Heights, Living Learning Center
113 Living Learning Center


Jerry Cherry
Coordinator - Mountaineer, Student Leadership
073 Appalachian Hall


Tempest Bouknight-Davis
Coordinator for Residence Education
333 John E. Thomas Hall


Janice Smith
Administrative Assistant
330 John E. Thomas Hall


Brittany Upton
Service Desk Supervisor
West Service Desk


Johanna Chavez
Service Desk Supervisor
East Service Desk

Halie Reed
Residence Director
Appalachian Heights


Hannah Cook
Residence Director
Appalachian Panhellenic Hall


Thomas Studnicky
Residence Director
Bowie Hall


Sarah LaFrance
Residence Director
Coltrane Hall


Logan Hasty
Residence Director
Cone Hall


Tanner Gill
Residence Director
Doughton Hall


Jacob Bowlus
Residence Director
East Hall


Olivia Madden
Residence Director
Eggers Hall


Andrea Wright
Residence Director
Gardner Hall


Kaitlynn Gray
Residence Director
Justice Hall


Delaney Mills
Residence Director
Lovill Hall


Curtis Wilson
Residence Director
Mountaineer Hall


Abigail Radford
Residence Director
Newland Hall


Carmen Gray
Residence Director
White Hall


Angela Rosebrough
Graduate Assistant for Residence Hall Safety
109 Frank Hall


Jamika Bickems
Graduate Assistant for Residence Education
349 John E. Thomas Hall


Lindley Simpson
Graduate Assistant for Student Leadership/Residence Director
Living Learning Center

Bruce Bromberger
Associate Director for Housing Facilities
302 John E. Thomas Hall


Brad Smith
Housekeeping Supervisor
101A Mountaineer Hall


Brandon Czaja
Maintenance Supervisor
Housing Warehouse


Sybil Edmisten
Support Services Supervisor
126 Newland Hall


Kathleen Hineman
Work Order Manager
305 John E. Thomas Hall


Bridgette Triplett
Key Control & Student Payroll Coordinator
308 John E. Thomas Hall

Tom Kane, Ed.D.
Director of University Housing
316 John E. Thomas Hall


Brandon Nelson
Associate Director for Recruitment, Selection, & Training
332 John E. Thomas Hall


Administrative Assistant
338 John E. Thomas Hall


Brandy Cornett
Business Officer
314 John E. Thomas Hall