Hall Council

What Is Hall Council?

Hall Council is an opportunity for students to go beyond the community within the residence hall in which they live and reach out to others across campus.  As a formal member of Hall Council, students will be able to learn and practice their leadership style and skill set.  Every residence hall has a Hall Council and every resident of a hall is welcome to become involved in both their local Hall Council as well as the Residence Hall Association.

Involvement Opportunities

At the beginning of each academic year, every residence hall elects a new Hall Council board.  This will often happen within the first two weeks of the semester, so interested residents are advised to look for sign-up sheets and/or posters announcing their hall's plans.  If a resident happens to miss the initial election they may contact either their Hall Supervisor or a Resident Assistant (RA) to find out how they can still get involved.  There are often program committees or special events for which Hall Council will need volunteers, and there is always a chance that a position on the Hall Council board may open up!