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Brain Matters

Do you wonder why people do the things they do? Have you ever thought about how your brain works? Do you sometimes find yourself "people-watching?" If so, then the Brain Matters RLC could be for you. Brain Matters was created for students who want to know more about why people act, think and feel the way they do, and why the brain works. Specifically, Brain Matters will explore psychological processes and learn about things like human and animal development, behavior, cognition, and emotions. Students will have a chance to interact with psychology professors and peers both in and out of the classroom and participate in activities and programs to help students discover the science and application of psychology, as well as build community and have some fun.

Members of Brain Matters will have the opportunity to:
  • Learn about behavioral and brain science
  • Explore and evaluate personal interest in careers in psychology and behavioral sciences
  • Develop connections with faculty, staff, and students associated with the Department of Psychology and Brain Matters
  • Receive academic and career advising support
  • Participate in fun social events
  • Learn about Psi Chi (a National Honors Society in psychology)
Members of Brain Matters will be expected to:
  • Participate in community and campus sponsored events and activities
  • Support the academic success of community members
  • Become involved in developing community standards and planning the future of the community
  • Enroll in a linked First Year Seminar course
  • Possibly enroll in a one hour community-connected course during spring semester
Sponsoring Departments
Dr. Wiley F. Smith Department of Psychology

The Dr. Wiley F. Smith Department of Psychology has 33 full-time doctoral level faculty members, approximately 1,000 undergraduate majors, and 70 full-time graduate students in four master's degree programs. The department provides a clinic for training, research, and service to the community.