Art Haus

Art Haus is designed to be a living-learning environment for students who are interested in being a part of a collaborative creative community. We often learn from other people - how they do things, new ways to approach or solve a problem - through working on a creative project together or just by talking about something important to us. In Art Haus, you are surrounded by other students who are interested in being creative in a number of ways - from playwrights to painters, dancers to digital artists, musicians to potters, and visual artists including art history, graphic design, and artistic design. You have the chance to spend this exciting time of your life while immersed in an encouraging environment building a community of artists. It is an exciting place to be an artist, to learn about art, and to just be! Residents of the Art Haus residential learning community will be required to enroll in the arts-focused First Year Seminar course. You will be taking one class together, but most of the interaction takes place in the hallways, common rooms, and residence hall rooms of your new friends and fellow students. Activities in and out of the classroom will link community service to the global impact that the arts can have. In addition, students will have numerous opportunities to interact with faculty members from the art department and other creative collaborators on campus.

Members of Art Haus will have the opportunity to:
  • Live among other artists who may have various concentrations, providing a creative environment
  • Interact with faculty members from the visual arts departments on a regular basis
  • Develop a deeper understanding of art and showcase their own artwork in local exhibitions
  • Possibly have the opportunity to travel to New York City for a trip with other RLC members and First Year Seminar students (limited number of students)

Members of Art Haus will be expected to:
  • Enroll in the arts-focused First Year Seminar course
  • Participate in events sponsored by the Art Haus community

Sponsoring Departments
Department of Art

The Department of Art at Appalachian State University is committed to providing the finest art education available in an atmosphere that encourages students to discover and develop their own unique talent. The NASAD-accredited curriculum, expert faculty, great facilities, and extensive resources help give the insights and education that students need to become successful art professionals or fine artists.