Active Living

Do you enjoy being active? Do you want your healthy lifestyle to play a role in achieving academic success? The Active Living community brings you a well-rounded balance of university engagement, mental enhancement, and physical activity. Residents in the Active Living community welcome everyone to join them in a lifestyle that includes fitness, healthy cooking, nutrition, hiking, outdoor adventure, recreation department programs, intramural sports, and positive mental health events such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. The Active Living community will help you explore and build your inner self through a lifestyle designed for happy minds and happy bodies.

Members of Active Living will be required to:
  • Successfully complete the Active Living general education course
  • Actively engage with Faculty-In-Residence (Active Living advisor)
  • Participate in an opening kick-off event
  • Participate in selected community activities and events
  • Work with the Resident Assistant to develop community standards and engage in planning for the future of the community
  • Participate in selected opportunities provided by University Recreation
  • Model healthy behaviors and set an example for other students
  • Volunteer for community service
Sponsoring Departments
Department of Wellness & Prevention Services

The Department of Wellness & Prevention Services  offers services promoting health awareness and active lifestyles, helping students make choices to facilitate a better quality of life by making healthy decisions. It is an extension of Student Health Services and is Appalachian State University's central resource for health education information, programs, events, and services.

The Blue Cross & Blue Shield of North Carolina Institute of Health & Human Services

The Blue Cross & Blue Shield of North Carolina Institute of Health & Human Services (IHHS) strives to make North Carolina a healthier place to live through our community outreach, research, and clinical offerings. Meeting the needs of students, faculty, and the regional community, the Institute strives to create and disseminate knowledge through pragmatic research and complementary experiential learning opportunities such as internships, practicums, clinical rotations, professional continuing education, and community-based leadership opportunities with the overarching goal of improving lives through transformative healthcare advances.

University Recreation

University Recreation provides structured and unstructured leisure time activities for students. It is through these activities that students learn lifelong skills that contribute to their social, physical, emotional and intellectual growth and development.

Counseling & Psychological Services

The Counseling & Psychological Services Center supports the mission of Appalachian State University and the Division of Student Affairs in the academic, vocational, emotional, social and cultural development of students. The Counseling Center's goal is to assist the university community in maximizing the personal growth and development of its members.