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Mountain Laurel Hall

Residence Hall Information

University Housing offers a 360° view of our residence hall rooms and the amenities. Click on the pictures below to have a look around each space, but please note that rooms may vary slightly in size and configuration.



  • Mountain Laurel Hall photo album
  • Maximum Occupancy: 248 residents
  • Style: Hotel, Co-Ed by room
  • Meal Plan Reqired: Yes
  • Wireless internet access
  • Laundry facilities
  • Large main lobby with television
  • Main lobby kitchen facilities
  • ADA accessible
  • Vending machines with ID card swipe
  • Market (Appalachian State University Campus Dining - main lobby)
  • Air conditioned
  • Extra-long twin mattress (80"L x 36"W x 7"H)
  • Standard room dimensions: 23'1" x 13'8"
  • MicroFridge®
  • 36" adjustable height beds - raise, lower, or bunk
  • 8" bed risers allowed on unbunked beds
  • Movable furniture
  • 1 closet per room
  • 1 wardrobe per room
  • Carpeted rooms
  • Desk with 3-position chair
  • Private bathroom in each room
  • Security screens (ground floor)
  • Some 4-person rooms (212, 312, 412, 512)
Mountain Laurel Hall
949 Blowing Rock Rd.
Boone, NC 28608

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