General Information

Current on-campus students who plan to live on campus for the 2019-2020 academic year must go through the Reapplication process by following the steps below.

Sign up for the Reapplication process:
  • Application is open December 1, 2018 - January 31, 2019.
  • Log into the Housing Management System .
  • Submit your electronic housing application.
  • Completing the housing application does not obligate you to live on campus; it gives you the opportunity to select on-campus housing if you receive an invitation to do so later in the Reapplication process.
Once the application period closes:
  • Invitations to select a room will be sent via Appalachian State University email beginning mid-February.
  • If you receive an invitation, you will have 48 hours to log in and select a room. If you do not select a room within 48 hours your invitation will expire and you will not have on-campus housing.
  • If you receive an invitation and wish to accept, simply log into the Housing Management System , choose an available room, and, if applicable, invite a roommate. You must read and agree to the Residence Hall License Contract during this process.
  • Once you choose a room you are contractually obligated to live on campus for the duration of the academic year (both Fall and Spring semesters). There will be a $250 non-refundable cancellation fee charged to the student's account if the student requests release from their Residence Hall License Contract from the time that it is signed through June 30. Beginning July 1, cancellations will require payment of the full fall semester housing fee.
Residential Learning Community (RLC) exceptions to consider:
  • RLC application is open December 1, 2018 - January 31, 2019.
  • RLC acceptance notifications will be sent via Appalachian email beginning January 31.
  • All students accepted to an RLC are required to respond and confirm their acceptance via Appalachian email within 48 hours.
  • All students who confirm their RLC acceptance will forfeit their chance of receiving an invitation to live elsewhere on campus.
Common Reapplication Questions
How and when do I sign up?

Current on-campus students wishing to sign up for Reapplication must log into the Housing Management System using their Appalachian State University username and password. Those eligible for Reapplication will be directed to the first step of the entry process. Should a student be ineligible for the Reapplication process they will be presented with a message informing them of their ineligibility. Students may sign up for Reapplication at any time during the application period. 

How long does Reapplication last?

Invitations will be sent via Appalachian email until the last available space for returning students has been filled.

What are my chances of receiving an invitation?

Students who receive invitations to select a room are chosen from the Reapplication applicant pool by the Housing Management System. The chance of any individual student being selected to receive an invitation is entirely dependent upon the number of available spaces and the number of students who choose to reapply for on-campus housing that particular year. Students with housing-related scholarships, Honors students, continuing Residential Learning Community students, and current University Housing employees are prioritized in the selection process. We offer a greater percentage of invitations to rising second-year students than upperclass students during the selection process.

Can I choose the room that I want?  How can I increase my chances of getting the building/room that I want?

Yes, provided that the room you want has not already been chosen by another student or is otherwise unavailable for Reapplication. Upon logging into the Housing Management System, students will be presented with a list of residence halls with available spaces. If a room or residence hall is missing from this list, then that space/building is no longer available for Reapplication. Since the Reapplication process operates on a "first come, first served" basis, students may increase the likelihood of getting the building/room that they want by checking their Appalachian email account frequently and responding to any invitation as quickly as possible.

How about roommates?

Students who receive an invitation to choose a room may also elect to invite a roommate(s) based upon the number of remaining vacant beds left in that room. Students may only invite others who have entered the Reapplication process to be their preferred roommate(s). An email will be sent to each preferred roommate via their Appalachian email account notifying them of the roommate invitation. They will have a period of 48 hours to either accept or decline the invitation. Anyone that does not respond to a roommate invitation will automatically be treated as having declined the invitation after the 48 hour period has expired. If a preferred roommate either declines the roommate invitation or neglects to respond within the designated 48 hour time period then they will remain in the Reapplication applicant pool and retain the same chance of being selected for on-campus housing as everyone else. The space held for that roommate will be made available for selection by another student invited to receive on-campus housing.  The student who originated the roommate invitation will not be able to invite another roommate to fill the space.

What if I am not eligible for Reapplication?

Students who do not currently live on campus but would like to apply for space on campus for next year will be able to submit their name to the housing application wait list beginning March 1.

What if I am unable to obtain housing on campus?

Appalachian State University provides assistance to students seeking other forms of off-campus housing through the Office of Off-Campus Student Services . Students may contact their office at (828) 262-8284.