What to Bring, What to Leave

For Your Convenience, You May Want to Bring:

  • One UL-approved electrical strip with circuit breaker (maximum 6 outlets per strip)
  • TV - digital cable-ready (built-in QAM tuner) is most convenient.  Local basic digital cable is wired to each residence hall room.
  • Microwave oven (must not exceed 1200 watts or 10 amps) and small refrigerator (must not exceed 1200 watts or 10 amps; 5 cubic feet or less), one of each permitted per room.  Rooms equipped with a MicroFridge® as a standard amenity may not have additional microwaves or refrigerators.  Additional microwaves/refrigerators are also not permitted in Appalachian Heights due to the presence of a full kitchen in each apartment.  MicroFridge® rentals are available through our third-party supplier, Standards For Living, Inc.
  • Carpet - any carpet used must not obstruct the movement of the room door in any way.  Use of tape is not allowed.  To see which buildings already have carpet, please visit the residence halls information page.
  • Free-standing bookshelf
  • Personal computers - all residence halls have data port connections in the rooms (1 port per bed) and wireless connectivity
  • Desk lamp
  • Alarm clock
  • Free-standing fan
  • Dry-erase message board
  • Bed linens, pillows, and blankets
  • Trash can
  • MP3 player/CD player/headphones

Please Take It Back - the Following Items Are Not Allowed In Our Residence Halls:

*This list is NOT all-inclusive

The following items are PROHIBITED within the residence halls:

  • Air conditioners, ceiling fans, washing machines, freezers, or other high voltage equipment
  • Alcoholic beverage containers, including shot glasses
  • Any appliance exceeding 1200 watts or 10 amps
  • BB guns (including airsoft guns), stun guns, air rifles and pistols (including paint guns), knives of any kind, slingshots, leaded canes, blackjacks, metallic knuckles, razors and razor blades (except solely for personal shaving), fireworks, or any sharp-pointed or edged instruments (except instructional supplies, unaltered nail files and clips and tools used solely for preparation of food, instruction, and maintenance) (See N.C.G.S. §14-269.2)
  • Bed risers on lofted beds
  • Bongs, hookahs, pipes, and other drug paraphernalia
  • Candles/Incense, even for decorative purposes
  • Cinder blocks
  • Combustible decorations including cotton batting, dry/cut vegetation, moss, straw, hay, vines, leaves, and twigs
  • Electronic cigarettes or vapes (may not be USED in residence halls)
  • Extension cords and multi-plug adapters
  • Flammable items including fireworks, heaters, fuel, lighter fluid, Bunsen burners, hazardous chemicals, etc.
  • Guns, rifles, pistols, other firearms of any kind, dynamite cartridges, bombs, grenades, mines or powerful explosives (it is a felony to possess a weapon on campus) [N.C.G.S. §14-269.2(b) and (b1)]
  • Kegs, beer balls, funnels, or other rapid consumption containers
  • Kerosene heaters or electric heaters, open flame self-igniting or explosive apparatus
  • Lofts (unless provided by the University)
  • Mopeds, motorbikes, motorcycles, scooters
  • Nails, screws, or other devices that are inserted into the walls
  • Open coil appliances including hot plates, toasters, toaster ovens, deep fat fryers, George Foreman grills, electric grills, combustibles, coffee pots
  • Open flames
  • Pets, with the exception of animals biologically classified as osteichthyes that are maintained in a fish tank of ten gallons or less
  • Power tools (i.e., drills, saws, sanders, etc.)
  • Realistic replicas of weapons
  • Salt lamps, halogen lamps, lava lamps, and multi-bulb lamps with plastic shades
  • Three-dimensional (3-D) printers of any type
  • Water balloon launchers
  • Waterbeds, electric blankets, personal mattresses
  • Weapons including machetes, knives, fencing foils, nunchaku, bow and arrows, etc.
  • Wireless routers


Non-combustible, non-flammable, or flame-retardant materials should be utilized when decorating rooms if possible.  If combustible materials are used, the number of decorations must not exceed 50% of any individual wall or area.  Paper, plastic, cloth, or other combustible materials in excess of the 50% allowance may not be used to cover/drape any area.  Please note that the following decorative materials will not be permitted:

  • Cotton batting
  • Dry/cut vegetation
  • Moss
  • Straw or hay
  • Vines, twigs, and leaves
  • Other similar materials

Decorative light sets should not be anchored/taped or allowed to touch metal items such as window or door frames.  Cords may not be run through doorways, under doors, or across hallways.  Decorative light sets or other electrical items should be unplugged whenever the area is unattended.