Sophomore Year Experience

Sophomore Year Experience (SYE) is a unique community offered to second-year students only. The community is equipped for students who are still examining various academic major and career-related options. SYE students are required to enroll in a special section of Life & Career Planning, a course where they will have access to academic advisors and career counseling staff. In addition, these resources will be provided in the residence hall throughout the year to help students discover areas of interest and how those interests relate to academic majors and careers.

Members of Sophomore Year Experience will have the opportunity to:
  • Attend Life and Career Planning class
  • Declare a major
  • Select classes that will enhance both educational and personal development
  • Review academic planning with an advisor to confirm appropriate strategies
  • Become a better student through exposure to academic resources at Appalachian State University
  • Create a career development plan
  • Develop a résumé
  • Become familiar with the interview process
  • Become involved in work experiences (i.e., internships, part-time jobs, volunteer positions, summer jobs)
  • Become involved in co-curricular activities that will expand interests, abilities and skills
  • Learn how to network and make contact with working professionals
Members of Sophomore Year Experience will be expected to:
  • Register for a special section of HPC 2200 Career and Life Planning
  • Participate in community activities and events
  • Personalize the community by helping to decorate individual doors and bulletin boards
  • Become involved in developing community standards and planning the future of the community
  • Contribute to and enhance the sense of community on the floor and in the classroom
  • Be active participants in programs and hall activities
Sponsoring Departments
Career Development Center

The Career Development Center is dedicated to providing progressive and timely career services to current and former Appalachian students. From career counseling to job search tools, the Career Development Center offers many resources to help students launch and manage a successful and satisfying career.