Green Appal Program

What Is the Green Appal Room Certification Program?

The Green Appal room certification program is an opportunity for Appalachian State University and University Housing to recognize the great stewardship that many of our residents are practicing as members of our residential communities.  In collaboration with University Housing's sustainability committee, this program has been created to offer an opportunity for students to better tell their stories and to express to their friends and neighbors why sustainability is important to them.  Finally, it is a way to create a critical mass of residents seeking to live more sustainably and acknowledge those efforts.  This will hopefully become a movement that inspires all Appalachian students, both on campus and off, to be more thoughtful about how they go about their day and what impact they can have.

Through achieving or exceeding the required criteria listed on the Green Appal Room Application , room residents will be awarded a certificate to display on their room door, prizes, and even a chance for a FREE PIZZA PARTY for the floor that has earned the most certificates!

Interested residents will need to submit the Green Appal Room Application and participate in a simple audit process in which they will have to comply with a list of sustainability standards.  The audit will be conducted by a University Housing sustainability committee member and residents will be contacted in advance to schedule a convenient time.  The audit itself will be based upon the everyday habits of room residents.  The idea behind the program is to reduce the amount of energy used, waste created, and chemicals put into the environment by promoting the use of greener practices.

Questions or concerns about the Green Appal room certification program may be directed to the University Housing sustainability committee at (828)262-6112.