Cable TV

All residence hall rooms are equipped with the basic cable television package (premium and/or additional channels are not available). The cost is built into the semester housing rate, so additional payment is not necessary.

Digital Cable Television

Appalachian State University provides high definition (HD) digital cable television. The system is fully digital and uses Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) technology. QAM allows cable companies to deliver a digital signal for programming rather than the analog signal used previously. The majority of the channels that students receive are in HD, while a few of the channels are still delivered in standard definition.

Common Questions

How do I get my television to pick up the correct channels?

All televisions will require a channel reset before the channel lineup will appear correctly. This can usually be accomplished via an auto-program or channel scan feature available in the menu of your television. Students can refer to the instruction manual for their particular television for detailed instructions on how to initiate this scan or, if necessary, refer to the generic instructions available for download at the top of this page. This scan is necessary to capture all of the channels and eliminate any unused channels. Since the cable system is completely digital, students should select the Standard Cable setting (i.e., NOT Air, Antenna, HRC or IRC). The channel scan process can take anywhere from 5-45 minutes depending upon the television being programmed.

Will my TV work with the digital signal?

If your television was manufactured in 2008 or later, there is a good chance that it can receive the QAM signal without requiring a separate Digital Converter Box. All that is required is a channel scan to begin viewing. Students may refer to their television's user manual or search the make and model of their TV to determine if it is QAM-capable. Please be aware that not all new or recently purchased TVs have a built-in QAM tuner (certain brands will include them only in specific models).

What if I can't get my TV to work with the cable signal?

Charter Communications (our cable provider) lists many standard troubleshooting tips on their support site. Other students or Resident Assistants (RAs) may also be a good resource for troubleshooting.