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Early College

As an Early College student, you will find yourself in the unique position of being welcomed to Appalachian State University as a first-year student since you will have recently graduated from high school but enrolled in junior level classes with students who have been at Appalachian for two years. We recognize that Early College students bring a unique set of experiences and perspectives. While ultimately we know you will integrate into the Appalachian family, we have found that sometimes having people from similar backgrounds around you during your first semester is helpful. To help with the transition, an Early College residential learning community has been developed, allowing Early College graduates the opportunity to live together and share in their higher education journey. Events and activities will be offered to introduce students to the campus community, encourage active participation in campus life, and promote a sense of community among RLC members. This is an excellent opportunity for students to ensure a smooth integration into the next chapter of their academic careers.

Members of the Early College RLC will have the opportunity to:
  • Engage with peers, faculty, and staff to develop a support system that enhances learning and promotes community
  • Gain knowledge of campus resources and tools to encourage success
  • Participate in activities and events designed to promote integration and enhance the campus experience
Sponsoring Departments
Transfer Admissions & Engagement

Transfer Admissions & Engagement supports transfer students at all stages of their education from initial inquiry, throughout their transition to Appalachian, and during their academic and social journey. Please let us know how we can assist you!