Communities for Upperclassmen

The Student-Initiated RLCs (SI-RLCs) available for the current academic year are:

The LEAD Experience

Linking Education and Diversity (LEAD) is designed to bring upperclassmen together around the topics and discussion of privilege, oppression, and diversity. With a focus on social justice issues, the LEAD Experience is open to all students regardless of their identities.  Students who participate in this community will have the opportunity to engage in various activities and work alongside the Office of Multicultural Student Development.

Pre-Health Professions

This community is designed to unite upperclassmen that plan to enter the medical field.  Students in the community will prepare for their futures together in an environment that is conducive to learning.  Pre-Health Professions assists and encourages members to participate in clinical exposures, research opportunities, and community service related to the field.

Service In Action

This community offers an opportunity for upperclassmen to actively participate in civic engagement while fostering friendships and team building skills in a community environment.  Service In Action primarily focuses on community service and host opportunities for students to give back.


Questions about starting an SI-RLC?  Contact the Coordinator for Student Success & Assessment at (828)262-8656.